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MAXIS Global Benefits Network (GBN) works in partnership with multinational clients to deliver the solutions they need to help them care for their people while meeting the strategic goals of their business. We’re a global network built on local expertise, with nearly 140 local member insurers in over 120 markets worldwide. We were founded in 2016, and are backed to this day, by two of the world’s largest and most trusted insurers: MetLife and AXA.

It’s our desire to shape the future of employee benefits. Our extensive research and data-driven approach has made us a leading partner in health and wellness and, our Data & Digital Innovation Lab is committed to investing in – and using – data analytics and innovation to improve the services we provide to multinational clients, as well as developing new ones.

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Key contacts

MAXIS Global Benefits Network (MAXIS GBN)

1st Floor, The Monument Building, 11 Monument Street, London EC3R 8AF

+44 (0)20 3859 7766

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