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John Wilbur on GCP:

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Roadmaster Group

John Wilbur has been the Chief Executive Officer of Roadmaster Group since June 2011. During his tenure he has ushered, and continues to lead tremendous positive change and growth for the company and its subsidiaries. John’s vision and diverse work background has been instrumental in leading the charge to redefine excellence in the industry. Under John’s leadership, the company’s revenue increased by 600%, its driver and truck count increased by almost 500%, and driver turnover has decreased to levels not typically seen in the industry.

In 2012, John introduced an innovative driver pay structure that provides guaranteed pay to company drivers, a pay structure counter to the industry standard method of paying drivers by the mile. John strongly believes that trucking companies should not be able to pass off economic risk resulting from their inefficiencies and lackluster performance to their drivers by paying them only based on miles driven. With his guidance, Roadmaster Group and its subsidiaries continue to push boundaries and foster innovative thinking in order to not just be a great trucking company, but to be a great company.

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