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Jim Noble on GCP:

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Senior Vice President, Risk Engineering


Jim has been associated with eDriving for almost 20 years as a customer, a consultant and as a team member. His 40+ years in transportation encompass leadership positions in fleet operations management, logistics management, advocacy, driver safety and global risk management.


As lead Risk Engineer for eDriving he works to find innovative ways of harnessing the power of eDriving’s “Big Data to produce valuable/actionable/easy to understand insights aimed at reducing our customers’ risk profile.

Jim works with our partners to provide industry leading holistic risk scoring that is rapidly becoming the standard for quickly assessing driver risk. Jim pioneered eDriving’s unique OneOnOne Post Collision Coaching Program designed to help drivers gain defensive driving insights from after-action coaching. Jim’s voice is regularly heard in eDriving’s Thought Leadership presentations.

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