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Global Risk and Insurance Manager


Jen Blair on GCP:

GCP #30

Prior to joining Bose in 2006, Jen was a financial analyst in the frozen food industry. In her 14 years of experience at Bose, Jen has held financial and operational analysts positions in our Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain organization, and product division groups.

When Bose moved the risk management function to finance from legal, Jen stepped up and into the risk management role. She has soaked up knowledge and has worked to move Bose to a much more “finance” oriented approach to risk leveraging the strengths of the organization unlike what had done in the past. This fresh perspective has been very dynamic and is positioning Bose for the future of risk management.

Jen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate Finance and Accounting from Bentley University and earned her Masters of Business Administration degree at University of Massachusetts Amherst Issenberg School of Management. She is currently pursing her Masters of Risk and Insurance from Butler Univeristy.

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