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GCP Short

23 - 10 - 2022

Establishing a captive for employee benefits

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In this GCP Short, produced in partnership with MAXIS Global Benefits Network, we discuss the process and rationale when establishing a new captive with the primary purpose of insuring international employee benefits.

For more than 20 years existing captives have been adding the parent’s global employee benefits programmes to their portfolio, but more recently we have started to see EB being the initial driver of a new captive formation. One of these cases is Meta, which set up its first captive in Hawaii at the end of 2020.

In this episode Richard is joined by Janaize Markland, Director of Business Risk & Insurance at Meta, and Julie Nye, Regional Business Development Manager at MAXIS, to address how to set out the business case for establishing a new captive for employee benefits, the role and relationship with the fronting network in the onboarding process, and whether we expect to see more such cases in the near future.

For more information on MAXIS Global Benefits Network and their captive services, visit their Friend of the Podcast page.

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