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GCP Short

15 - 11 - 2020

COVID-19 and captive insurance

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In this GCP Short, produced in collaboration with Morris, Manning & Martin, Richard is joined by three US experts to discuss COVID-19 and its impact on captive insurance. They are:

Joe Holohan, Attorney with the Insurance and Reinsurance Practice at law firm Morris, Manning & Martin.

Skip Myers, Partner and Senior Counsel within the same practice at Morris, Manning & Martin.

Tony Benedetto, CEO of NASW Assurance Services, which runs the captive and Risk Retention Group for the National Association of Social Workers.

Joe, Skip and Tony address the lawsuits already appearing as a result of the pandemic, the current state of RRGs during the crisis and how they are impacted, or not, by state mandates, and Tony provides first hand insight into some of the challenges NASW is having to overcome.

For more information on Morris, Manning & Martin, visit their GCP page.

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