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GCP Short

04 - 10 - 2020

Cyber insurance and the role for captives

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In this GCP Short, in collaboration with Zurich, Richard is joined by a diverse group of experts to discuss cyber insurance and what role can captives can play in providing coverage.

From Zurich Oliver Delvos, Global Cyber Underwriting Manager, and Dr. Paul Wöhrmann, Head of Captive Services, address the current cyber insurance market and how can captives can structure coverage, while providing a client perspective is Francois Carli, who was Vice President of Insurance at global life science company Sanofi from 2006 to 2017 and is now an independent consultant, and Holger Kraus. Holger is Head of Risk Finance & Employee Insurances at Siemens but is speaking in this Short in his capacity as Head of the captive committee of the German Risk and Insurance Managers Association (GVNW).

For more information on Zurich, visit their GCP page.

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