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GCP Short

14 - 06 - 2020

Captive structures and tax - the invisible costs

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In this GCP Short, Richard is joined by Karen Jenner and Joseph Finbow, from Friends of the Podcast TMF, and Lisa Coomber, Senior Group Insurance Manager at Vodafone, to discuss captive structures and the often invisible costs that are insurance premium taxes and other levies.

This discussion should be particularly helpful to anyone involved with the design, implementation or management of global insurance programmes.

In 20 very practical minutes, the experts outline what taxes are associated with direct and non-admitted programmes, where the responsibilities for compliance lie within different structures and how it can sometimes be more efficient to run a hybrid programme of both direct writing and using fronting partners.


For more information on Karen, Joseph and TMF, visit their Friend of the Podcast page.


To learn more about Vodafone’s captive strategy, listen to GCP #20.

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