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GCP Short

08 - 03 - 2020

Creative uses of captives in a changing market

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In the first GCP Short of 2020, Richard is joined by three expert captive professionals to discuss how risk and insurance professionals can get creative with their captives in a challenging insurance market.

Our three guests are:

Oliver Schofield, Managing Partner at RISCS.

Damian McNamara, Consultant & Adviser for Captives, ILS and MGAs. at RISCS.

Glenn Ellis, a Consultant to RISCS. Glenn is a former risk and insurance manager at BT, as well as previously holding roles at Zurich and most recently AIG.

RISCS, a Friend of the Podcast, provides a wide range of captive consultancy services including Captive Feasibility & Formation, Captive Reinsurance Programme Design and Insurance Product Ideation & Creation.

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