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GCP Live @ CICA 2022

10 - 03 - 2022

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We begin our fourth season, GCP 2022, with an episode recorded at the CICA International Conference on Tuesday, March 8 in front of a live audience.

Richard is joined by eight guests for something a bit different, as they debate future trends, common misconceptions and take part in some captive trivia - a game of Captive Domicile Higher or Lower.

The line-up of guests were split into teams of four:


Team One:

Prabal Lakhanpal, Spring Consulting Group
Karen Hsi, University of California
Kristen Peed, CBIZ
Jim Bulkowski, EY


Team Two:

Heather McClure, Aon
Sandy Bigglestone, Vermont
Nick Hentges, Captive Resources
Dan Towle, CICA


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