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GCP Live: CTCIA 2021

07 - 11 - 2021

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In our first GCP Live episode, recorded during a live panel at the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association's Collaborative Event in Hartford, on 4 November, Richard is joined by:


PJ Cimini, Founder & Principal at Capitol Strategies Group, and President of the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association.


Cassie Bachman, Managing Director of Operations and Legal at Elevate Risk Solutions and a CTCIA board member.


And Jack Meskunas, an Executive Director for Investments at Oppenheimer & Co and a captive insurance asset management advisor.


Richard, PJ, Cassie and Jack debate the challenges cannabis businesses face in the United States with regards banking and ultimately insurance. PJ also provides an update on how Connecticut is exploring whether it could act as a viable captive domicile for cannabis businesses in the future.


For more on how captives are already being used to insure Canadian cannabis business, listen to GCP #52.


The third edition of our GCP Insights e-magazine also discussed cannabis captives in depth.

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