GCP insights #1

08 - 02 - 2021

"The juice isn't worth the squeeze."

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To coincide with each edition of our new quarterly e-magazine, GCP Insights, we will be releasing an extended episode reflecting on the biggest news stories from the past three months.

Richard is joined by a regular panel of captive professionals made up of Cassie Bachman, Joe McDonald and Karen Hsi as they provide a sideways glance at controversial new captive legislation in Washington State, a changing captive landscape in Europe, the harsh market and the latest instalments in the 831(b) saga.

Chris Dalziel and Roger Jones, of London & Capital, also provide the latest investments update with a particular focus on the equities market.

For more information on London & Capital, visit their Friend of the Podcast page.

Below are several resources referenced in the episode:

GCP Insights: www.globalcaptivepodcast.com/gcp-insights

Captive.com story on Washington State legislation: www.captive.com/news/washington-s…m-tax-obligations

Captive.com story on Italy: www.captive.com/news/italian-regu…ompany-formations

Bloomberg GameStop story: www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles…ides-of-gamestop

Not Boring story on GameStop: notboring.substack.com/p/robinhood-r…ded-robinhood

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