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GCP #69

17 - 07 - 2022

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In episode 69 of the Global Captive Podcast, supported by legacy specialists R&Q, Richard Cutcher is joined by several captive professionals attending and speaking at the VCIA annual conference, which returns to Burlington, Vermont on Monday, August 8.

We hear first hear from Gail Newman, Vice President of Risk Management at Bright Horizons, and a VCIA board member, on how her company has utilised a captive for the past five years.

Richard's fellow panelists for a session on the Economic Landscape and Captive Portfolios - Performa's Scott Mildrum and Philip Vorreiter, Vice President of Finance at MCIC Vermont LLC - join to preview their presentation.

And Kevin Mead, President of VCIA, provides an update on conference planning, suggests some highlights and what to look forward to.

For more information on the conference, visit the website.

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