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GCP #62

06 - 02 - 2022

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In episode 62 of the Global Captive Podcast, supported by R&Q Legacy, Richard is joined by Dan Towle, President of CICA, to look forward to the return of the Associations International Conference, from 6-8 March in Tuscon, Arizona.

Richard and Dan also discuss ESG, plans for a first IN-PERSON GCP Live episode recording at the conference and some predications for 2022.

Jim Bulkowski, Americas Captive Services Co-Leader at EY, discusses how he has seen captive programmes change over the past two years and projections for 2022, while Chris Dalziel and Roger Jones, of London & Capital, provide us with our latest quarterly investment update.

For more information on the CICA International Conference, visit the website.


Richard mentioned several ESG episodes produced in 2021. They are the following:


GCP Short: ESG investment strategies for captives. Listen here.


GCP Short: Guernsey's ESG framework for insurers. Listen here.


GCP #57: Ciaran Healy on Aon's Green Captive. Listen here.

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