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GCP #38

13 - 09 - 2020

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In episode 38 of the Global Captive Podcast, supported by legacy specialists R&Q, Richard is joined by guest co-host Zach Finn, Clinical Professor & Director of the Davey Risk Management & Insurance Program at Butler University, Tracy Hassett, President of Vermont group captive edHEALTH, and Thomas Keist, Global Captive Solutions Leader at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

Zach shares his views on whether pandemics are insurable or not, the role of the federal government in future solutions and shares the latest on Butler's student run captive insurance company in Bermuda.

Tracy tells listeners all about the formation and growth of edHEALTH, which insures medical stop-loss for educational institutions across the United States.

And Thomas elaborates on the concept of virtual captives ahead of a presentation he will give alongside Richard and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions colleague Nigel Bamber at Airmic Fest on Wednesday, 23 September. For more information and to register for Airmic Fest visit:

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