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GCP #10

07 - 07 - 2019

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The Global Captive Podcast is supported by R&Q and hosted by Richard Cutcher.

In Episode 10, Richard is joined by guest co-host Dr Paul Wöhrmann, Head of Captive Services at Zurich Insurance, who discusses the advantages that captives bring to corporates through the cycles of the insurance market and captive reinsurance strategies.

The captive owner interview is with Daniele Zucchi, Managing Director of Sigurd Ruck - the Switzerland-domiciled captive owned by Italian oil and gas contractor Saipem. Daniele discusses how Saipem uses the reinsurance captive and the regulatory environment in Switzerland.

Finally Marcel Dubach, Head of the Zurich Clearing House, outlines how Zurich Insurance utilises its own balance sheet to operate captive fronting programmes efficiently.

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