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Crawford for corporates and captives

It all comes down to this — you need an experienced partner you can trust — a partner who will always be working to improve your bottom line. But more importantly, a partner who will guard your reputation through every interaction, every incident… every claim.

Crawford’s expertise and global presence is unmatched, but we earn our clients’ trust through much more than that. We get to know your business, your employees and your customers. We pull together the perfect suite of solutions and the best-fit resources from across our global organisation to deliver results that truly make an impact on your bottom line.

Vast expertise

Our expansive team of in-house experts includes specialists in virtually any industry, and our roster of clients includes enterprises of every type and size.

Data-driven innovations

Crawford’s innovative apps, tools, analytics, and more give businesses the tools they need to make quick, informed decisions and to work proactively to reduce costs and risks.

Worldwide presence

Our global scale means we’re available for you any time, anywhere. Scale up or down to meet any need.

Resolution for losses of any type, size or industry

From minor damage to catastrophic events, Crawford stands ready with the right team, the right resources, and the right processes to deliver the most efficient resolution possible to minimise impact on your business.

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