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Ali Hauser on GCP:

GCP #16

After 14 years of experience in the energy and insurance industry in Pemex, Ali has also worked in the toy, aircraft and B2B sectors in France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Currently working in the field of insurtech.​

He speaks four languages ​​fluently and lives in Mexico.​

Economist at ITAM with a Master in Technology and Innovation Management from the University of Sussex, he worked for 6 years as CEO of Kot Insurance Company AG the captive of PEMEX domiciled in Switzerland, which allowed me to manage a company with assets above US$1 billion.​


He managed to save US$90 million in subscription costs during the 2013-2017 period and had the privilege of negotiating the biggest claims of the Energy industry in 2015, (Abkatun Permanente) Amount collected: US$683 million in 2017 and between 2012- 2018 60% payment of the company's historical dividends worth USD752 million. All this is based on the creation of a motivated and high-performance organization (underwriters, claims managers, actuaries, accountants and compliance officers).​

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